Wifi problem on my E-reader

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Wifi problem on my E-reader

You rush to download that all-important e-book, but now you can’t connect to the Internet. The reason is that your e-reader has a wifi problem. It’s a shame! But, rest assured, every problem has a solution and your wifi connection is no exception. So, find out through the following lines how to identify the causes and find solutions to the different Wi-Fi problems on your e-reader.

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General information on Wi-Fi issues

The problem with Wi-Fi (or wireless networks) is that they can be undetectable by e-readers. In addition, although Wi-Fi is detected, sometimes the Internet connection fails. Therefore, detection and connection, coupled with other situations such as forgotten passwords, are the main difficulties related to the connectivity of e-readers to Wi-Fi networks.
For this reason, let’s look at these two issues in detail. Let’s see which one concerns you and how to help you solve it. This will eventually allow you to reconnect your e-reader to your favorite wireless network. But first, let’s see how to solve a possible password problem.

Password problem to connect my e-reader to the wifi: what to do?

Certainly, the problem of forgetting the password is a real obstacle to connect your e-reader to a Wi-Fi. Fortunately, your network administrator will certainly be happy to provide you with this password.
Problem detecting Wi-Fi on my e-reader: why and what to do?
If your wireless network is not available, you can’t connect your e-reader to it. Find out how to detect it below.
Why do I have a problem detecting the Wi-Fi network on my e-reader?
If you are outside the coverage area of a wifi network, it is normal that it is not detected by your e-reader. The same applies if the frequency of your Wi-Fi configuration is not compatible with that of the router you are trying to connect to.

How can I solve a Wi-Fi detection problem on my e-reader?

Taking into account what we have discussed above, the answer is as simple as it is obvious: try to be as close as possible to the range of the network; if the problem persists and the documentation provided at the purchase of your e-reader is available, check the compatibility of the frequency of its wireless network configuration with that of the router.
Still not satisfied? Check the availability of the wireless network by trying to connect with another device.
Problem of wifi connection on my e-reader: why and what to do?
The wifi network connectivity problem is, along with the detection problem, the most worrying concern an e-reader user can have. Find out what is causing the wifi problem on your e-reader and what you need to do to solve this issue.

Why am I having a wifi connection problem on my e-reader?

Are you in a coverage area and are you able to detect your network? However, the problem is still there and you can’t access Wi-Fi to connect your e-reader? The problem is probably with your router.
Connecting to Wi-Fi on my e-reader: how to solve this problem due to the router?
Due to a crash, for example, the router can be problematic and compromise the wifi connection from your e-reader. In this eventuality, simply consider restarting the router. Wait a few minutes and try to connect again… You have no positive results? Don’t despair!

What to do if the wifi problem on my e-reader is not solved?

If the tips developed above don’t help you solve the Wi-Fi problem on your e-reader, follow the advice below :

  • Turn off airplane mode (if it is on)
  • Restart your e-reader (after turning it off)
  • Update your device software (to ensure you have the latest version).
  • Reset your e-reader (making sure to save your data, which will be irrevocably lost after resetting the e-reader to factory settings)…

If you still can’t solve the wifi problem on your e-reader, contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider). Your e-reader’s screen is having problems? Check out this guide to help you:

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