Synchronization problem on my E-reader

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Synchronization problem on my E-reader

When you try to sync on your e-reader and can’t, you can’t see your new e-books appear in the device’s library. This is unfortunate, but don’t be so fatalistic that you want to put your e-reader away in a drawer. In other words, your e-reader’s synchronization problem is solvable. Let’s take a look at the issue and see how far you can recover all the digital documents you downloaded to your e-reader.

When does my e-reader have a sync problem?

When you purchase a new e-book, your e-reader’s library is updated. The purchased item is automatically added and you have a complete list of all your purchases.

However, it often happens that you can’t find certain items on the list, because they are nowhere in the library. In this case, you have a synchronization problem on your digital reader.

What could be the cause of the synchronization problem on my e-reader?

When you have a wifi problem on your e-reader, you will have all the difficulties in the world to synchronize your digital documents. In other words, wifi is the major cause of the synchronization problem on your e-book.

Indeed, it is through Wi-Fi that your e-reader connects to the Internet and synchronizes downloads as well as previews of your newly purchased e-books. It’s also through syncing that your e-book bookmarks, for example, are updated.

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Synchronization allows you, finally, to know if the software of your e-reader is up to date or not and to act accordingly… In any case, synchronization difficulties on an e-reader need to be solved as soon as possible.

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How to solve the synchronization problem on my e-reader?

There are several actions to take when it comes to overcoming your difficulties in syncing your digital document purchases. Let’s take a look at some of the avenues below. But first:

make sure you have logged into your account;

Make sure you have received a message confirming your purchases;

make sure your card or bank account has been charged for these purchases…

If everything is perfect at this level, here is what you should do.

Check your wifi connectivity

As we mentioned above, it’s impossible to connect to the internet without wifi. And, without internet, syncing is impossible. If you are experiencing this situation and don’t know what to do, learning how to solve the wifi problem on your e-reader will definitely end your ordeal.

If you don’t have any Wi-Fi issues and you’re still having trouble syncing on your e-reader, go to the next step.

Disconnect, then reconnect

Technical problems with eBook syncing can usually be solved with a simple manipulation of the settings, specifically the sync function. To do this, log out of your customer account (if you are logged in), and log back in.

You still haven’t got any result? Try the following method.

Reset the default settings of the e-reader

Warning: this action implies the irrevocable deletion of all your data (system data, applications, accounts…). However, you will be able to reset some of these data when you reset your e-reader. So remember to save all your data in the Cloud dedicated to these data.

After resetting the default settings, try to synchronize your documents again… Are you still worried? Don’t give up until the last resort.

Synchronization problem on my e-reader: what to do if it persists?

If the synchronization of your purchases by wifi is not available, go through a manual synchronization. To do this, go to the settings or the home screen of your e-reader (it depends on the brand), then click on the sync function or use the mobile (iOS, Android) or desktop application associated with your e-reader to download your documents.

If you still can’t solve the synchronization problem on your e-reader, there is nothing to stop you from contacting your authorized dealer’s customer service.