Screen problem on my E-reader

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Screen problem on my E-reader

A problem with the screen on a reading device can happen to any of us. You are already experiencing this situation, aren’t you? It is not serious! Indeed, we will look together for the potential causes of this problem. We will try to find solutions to make your e-reader’s screen properly usable… Are you already eager to know how to solve the different screen problems on your e-reader? Then here is what you should do depending on the type of problem you are facing.

If your problem is more of a software issue, and your pages don’t load properly, check out this article:

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Problem of damaged screen on my e-reader: why and what to do?

The following scenarios perfectly illustrate a serious screen problem on your e-reader:

  • the presence of horizontal or vertical marks
  • the existence of signs of breakage

Why do I have streaks and breaks on my e-reader screen?

When the content of your e-reader is frozen, its screen is broken or shows traces, it means that this screen has suffered a shock. It is therefore damaged.

How do I solve a problem with a damaged screen on my e-reader?

Here, the problem is technically easy to solve. In other words, there is no solution other than to replace the damaged screen on the e-reader.

Black or blank screen problem on my e-reader: why and what to do?

When your e-reader’s screen goes black or blank, it is certainly problematic.

Why does my e-reader screen go black or blank?

The hypothesis of a problem due to a component of the e-reader (such as the battery), occurs when the screen of the device becomes black or visibly empty. The latter case could occur if, for example, the e-book you are reading has a succession of blank pages.

How do I solve a black or blank screen problem on my e-reader?

To solve a black screen problem on your e-reader, start by pressing and holding the power button. When your device is turned off, restart it! Is the screen still black? Let’s read this article together to see if you have a loading problem on your e-reader.

For the resolution of a blank screen problem (probably due to the existence of blank pages), scroll the e-book you are reading as long as you can. It’s possible that you’ll get over those pages that make your e-reader’s screen look blank. If not, consider switching to another document.

However, if it is the internet access that blocks access to your e-reader, consult this article :

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Problem of blocked screen on my e-reader: why and what to do?

The screen of an e-reader can also freeze. No key is then functional and you are no longer able to use your device.

Why is the screen of my e-reader blocked?

There is some ambiguity about the screen locking of an e-reader. But, don’t worry, we will look into the potential causes of your problem right away.

How do I search for and solve a frozen screen problem on my e-reader?

To search and solve the screen freeze problem on your e-reader, follow the steps below. Be sure to go to the next step whenever your e-reader’s screen problem is not resolved.

  • Press and hold the start button to restart your e-reader.
  • Charge your book for several hours.
  • Press the start button (for one minute), after connecting your e-reader to a computer.
  • Keep the start button pressed for about 20 seconds; plug the e-reader into an electrical outlet while keeping the button pressed (for one minute)…

Your problem is finally solved, because the screen of your e-reader is unlocked? We congratulate you! It is not the case? Then read on to find the solution.

What should I do if my e-reader’s screen problem is not fixed?

The problem with your e-reader’s screen still persists, despite all our advice and tips? In this case, please consult the documentation provided with your device. If this documentation is not available or does not solve your problem, please contact a specialist repairer or the after-sales service of your supplier.