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This website aims to democratize blockchain and cryptocurrencies. I will discuss in a simple and pedagogic way everything you will be curious to learn on this topic.

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are revolutionizing the world as we know it. It is important to understand it, in order to easily adapt. Because any aspect of our life will be impacted, i personnaly consider that everyone should be aware of the upcoming changes.

On this website, i will discuss general topics about blockchain, its impact on society, finance, but also some guides and tips on how to manage your crypto coins.

As awesome this world is, it is also very dangerous : Hackers, dishonest people with no moral, risky projects with no futre that seemed to be the next Bitcoin, or simply transfering money with no technical support to help you.

By understanding theses technologies, you will be able to better manage your coins. At the end, it is abviously a matter of money. This is one of the fundamental pillar of Bitcoin : financial autonomy.

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If you understand what Bitcoin is all about, you will also understand how banking system works, and taking a step back to analyse all of that. Is my money on my bank account really mine ? Can i use it whenever i want, for any reason i want ?

Bitcoin is a revolution, that’s a fact. I am personnaly absolutely convinced that it will be a pillar to our economic system for the future. It is our responsibility to embrace it, and carry it through our society.

Enough said, let’s dive into this fantastic topic !

How to create a trading bot without coding : Coinrule

As you probably know, bot trading is the use of computer programs to automate trading decisions. Bots can be programmed to trade based on a set of predetermined rules, or they can be programmed to make decisions based on artificial intelligence.

This article aims to help you understand how to create a simple but effective bot with no coding knowledge. You will use a powerful tool called Coinrule. It is free to use, but can be very efficient !