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Fomo effect in crypto trading

What does “FOMO” means and how to deal with it ?

There is no doubt you must have heard about this before. This term is one of the most used in crypto slang by most of the influencers, or crypto investors. But what is FOMO, and how does it work ? What can we do to prevent it from happening ? FOMO is an acronym for…
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benefits of blockchain for businesses

Benefits of blockchain technology for businesses

In recent years, blockchain technology has been lauded as a game-changing innovation that has the potential to transform the way businesses operate. While the full extent of its applications is still being explored, there are a number of potential benefits that businesses can reap by utilising blockchain technology. In this blog, we will discuss the…
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SSL certificate problem on my E-reader

The SSL certificate problem on a e-reader is a very sensitive but rarely discussed security issue. Fortunately, we take the seriousness of the danger very seriously. That’s why we’ve made the effort to write this article, which we invite you to read to the end. You’ll find some tips and tricks that will help you…
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How to clean an E-reader

When you ask us how to clean your e-reader, we know how important your device is to you. This is very important to us, as we always try to provide the right (complete and reliable) answers to the questions our visitors have about common problems with their e-readers. Now, for your specific case, let’s see…
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Battery problem on my E-reader

Your e-reader needs to be supplied with energy to function and it is the battery that plays this role. If you are reading these lines, it means that the battery is certainly problematic. You are looking for a solution to solve this battery problem on your e-reader. This is a good thing, because this article…
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Synchronization problem on my E-reader

When you try to sync on your e-reader and can’t, you can’t see your new e-books appear in the device’s library. This is unfortunate, but don’t be so fatalistic that you want to put your e-reader away in a drawer. In other words, your e-reader’s synchronization problem is solvable. Let’s take a look at the…
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Authorization problem on my e-reader

It’s time to read your favorite digital book, but you get a message saying “this book is protected by Adobe DRM”. Don’t wonder too much about the cause of this intrusion: you’re experiencing an authorization problem on your e-reader… If you continue reading, you’ll know a little more. Authorization problem on my e-reader: what is…
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Loading problem on my E-reader

It is very frustrating to have a loading problem on your e-reader. You understand what we are talking about, since you are certainly facing this problem. Now, the question is how to find the solution to your loading problem? This is only possible if the reasons for your e-reader’s loading difficulties are known. This is…
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Screen problem on my E-reader

A problem with the screen on a reading device can happen to any of us. You are already experiencing this situation, aren’t you? It is not serious! Indeed, we will look together for the potential causes of this problem. We will try to find solutions to make your e-reader’s screen properly usable… Are you already…
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Wifi problem on my E-reader

You rush to download that all-important e-book, but now you can’t connect to the Internet. The reason is that your e-reader has a wifi problem. It’s a shame! But, rest assured, every problem has a solution and your wifi connection is no exception. So, find out through the following lines how to identify the causes…
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