Loading problem on my E-reader

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Loading problem on my E-reader

It is very frustrating to have a loading problem on your e-reader. You understand what we are talking about, since you are certainly facing this problem. Now, the question is how to find the solution to your loading problem? This is only possible if the reasons for your e-reader’s loading difficulties are known. This is precisely the exercise we are going to do in this article.
If your problem is with the screen of your e-reader, then the answer is here :

Screen problem on my e-reader, what to do

What are the consequences of a loading problem on my e-reader?

The most likely signs that your e-reader is having a loading problem can be listed as follows:

  • the e-reader does not turn on anymore ;
  • the e-reader turns off unexpectedly;
  • the reader discharges more or less quickly;
  • the screen of the e-reader becomes black or freezes…

However, these uncomfortable situations are only the consequences of the charging problem on your e-reader. Now, what are the reasons why the charging of your device becomes problematic?

First of all, if it is the loading to the internet that is the problem, then check this article:
Wifi problem on my e-reader

Why do I have a charging problem on my e-reader?

If your e-reader won’t charge, consider these three key things that could potentially cause the problem: the battery, the charger, or the e-reader itself.

Charging problems: is my e-reader to blame?

At first glance, a reading device itself can’t be the source of a charging problem. But, as it often happens, a reading device with outdated software can prevent the loading system from working optimally.
So, before looking for the root cause of the loading problem on your e-reader, first perform a software update on your e-reader… You’ve updated the software, plugged in the e-reader and it still won’t load? The next step might solve your problem.

Difficulties to charge my e-reader: why and what to do?

Part of the problem with charging e-readers is the battery. In fact, the battery problem has a considerable impact on the functioning of your e-reader.
By the way, if you don’t use your e-reader for a long time, its battery dies, becomes unusable and can’t charge anymore. For this reason, no matter how hard you try to restart your e-reader, it will never respond. In this case, you need to change the battery.

On the other hand, using it until it runs out will weaken or flatten your battery. Your e-reader may turn on, but it will shut down immediately. In the worst case, you will see a battery icon displayed with a cross, an exclamation mark or something like that. Also, the screen of your e-reader might freeze or turn black.

Charging problem due to the cable, port or USB adapter: what to do?

Your e-reader may not charge if your charger is problematic. This happens when you use an incompatible USB adapter, a cable or a USB (universal serial bus) port, defective on your e-reader…

To solve these problems, replace the cable or charger with another one. If you charge your e-reader with a computer and you have difficulties, consider connecting the cable to another USB port.

My e-reader doesn’t charge: what should I do?

Let’s recap and see what you should do if your e-reader won’t charge :

  • Start by updating your e-reader software and go to the next step whenever the problem is not solved.
  • Change the USB cable or adapter before attempting to charge your e-reader again.
  • Place the cable in a different USB port if you are charging via a PC (personal computer).
  • Charge your device for several hours, even if the indicator light does not come on. An over-discharged battery takes time to respond.

If the indicator light comes on, allow charging to continue until the battery is full.

Charging problem on my e-reader: what is the ultimate solution?

If you still have a charging problem with your e-reader, seek advice from an authorized dealer or contact your e-reader brand’s customer service department – before you consider changing your e-reader.