How to clean an E-reader

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How to clean an E-reader

When you ask us how to clean your e-reader, we know how important your device is to you. This is very important to us, as we always try to provide the right (complete and reliable) answers to the questions our visitors have about common problems with their e-readers. Now, for your specific case, let’s see the easiest and most thorough way to clean your e-reader.

When should you clean your e-reader?

When its screen is marred by a foreign object (dirt deposit, liquid spill, etc.), it is undeniable that your e-reader needs cleaning. But, beyond that, the cleaning of a e-reader can be done in order to make the device clean, to give a new look to its screen and its accessories.

As you can see, cleaning a reading device plays both a functional role (to rid the device of foreign bodies) and an aesthetic role (to give the screen a shine). Whatever your reason for trying to figure out how to clean your e-reader, you should know that it’s a fairly delicate operation. Therefore, you need to take certain precautions.

Cleaning a e-reader: precautions and best practices

When we want to keep our e-readers and their accessories clean, we are tempted to use various materials and cleaning products. But the truth is, some of these cleaning materials can be harmful to our devices, their cases or their styli. Find out below the precautions and best practices you should consider before you start cleaning your e-reader.

What precautions should I take when cleaning an e-reader?

If you don’t clean your e-reader the right way, you risk damaging it or discoloring its screen and accessories. To avoid such a situation, do not use aggressive materials such as chemicals.

Abrasive materials should also be avoided when cleaning your e-reader. Their abrasiveness can scratch the screen and all the plastic components associated with the device…

Also, avoid using alcohol or related products to clean the leather or imitation leather accessories of your e-reader. Do not soak your e-reader in anything liquid (water, bleach, etc.).

What are the best practices for cleaning an e-reader?

Knowing how to clean an e-reader is more than just taking precautions. Applying certain good practices is just as important. To do this, you should

  • protect the USB (universal serial bus) port, as well as all other openings of your e-reader from moisture;
  • Avoid liquid or cleaning spray from getting into the USB port when spraying;
  • if you have to wipe the screen of your e-reader, do it gently with impregnated compresses (with an alcohol concentration not exceeding 70%).

Now, let’s see how to clean your digital reading material.

How to clean a reading device?

Follow the steps below to clean the screen of your e-reader.

  • Start by unplugging the USB cable and then turn off your e-reader (if it’s plugged in).
  • Remove any sand or other abrasive material from the screen.
  • Remove any dirt and dust from the screen with a compressed air spray.
  • Wipe the screen as gently as possible using a soft, clean cloth or rag (which can be slightly dampened if necessary).

Cleaning an e-reader: how to go further?

For a complete cleaning of your e-reader, consider giving its accessories, namely the stylus and the case, a makeover.

To clean your e-reader’s stylus, use a soft, clean cloth or rag (dampened or not). Avoid contact of the cloth or rag with the stylus tip.

To clean the case of your e-reader, use a soft, clean, slightly damp cloth or rag. Avoid using alcohol or other harsh chemicals, as they may discolor or even damage your e-reader.

So, how do I clean my e-reader?

Learning how to clean a e-reader is one of the simplest and easiest tasks you can do in the world of digital reading media. What you may need to be careful about is taking the necessary precautions, applying good practices and knowing how to use products that can preserve the condition of your e-reader.