Battery problem on my E-reader

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Battery problem on my E-reader

Your e-reader needs to be supplied with energy to function and it is the battery that plays this role. If you are reading these lines, it means that the battery is certainly problematic. You are looking for a solution to solve this battery problem on your e-reader. This is a good thing, because this article discusses the subject in detail. Read on to find out more.

How do I know if my e-reader has a battery problem?

If your e-reader has a battery problem, it usually shows signs of a problem. For example, your e-reader’s battery is potentially problematic if:

  • you have a charging problem on your e-reader;
  • your e-reader refuses to start and seems to be stuck;
  • the battery charging time is disproportionately slow or (on the contrary) fast;
  • the battery loses its autonomy completely even if it seems to be charged, and the e-reader shuts down.

A problematic battery can also be the source of a potential screen problem on your e-reader... Okay: you are aware of this situation, but your concern is how to solve the battery problem on your e-reader? You’ll get the answer right below. In the meantime, find out why you’re having trouble with your e-reader’s battery.

Why am I having battery problems on my e-reader?

There are many reasons why you might have trouble with your e-reader’s battery. But, because we respect your time, we’ll just mention a few of them in these questions.

Does a e-reader left uncharged for months lose its performance?

One of the causes of battery problems on your e-reader is probably leaving it uncharged for a long time. When this happens, some of the battery’s internal components deteriorate and it loses its power.

Does irrational use of the e-reader drain the battery?

Does your e-reader consume a lot of power and give you battery problems? This is probably due to the fact that you do not take care to turn it off when you are not using it; the brightness of the screen is at its maximum level; you leave your wifi constantly activated…

Does a repetitive full discharge reduce the battery life?

If you get into the habit of letting your e-reader get discharged or not fully charged, the consequences can be disastrous. You are naturally shortening the life of the battery.

How to solve the battery problem on my e-reader?

The solution to the difficulties encountered with the batteries of e-readers is to understand the sources of the problems. We have already defined these sources and we will therefore see how to solve these situations.

  • The battery has been left uncharged for a long time and your e-reader locks up or shuts down: use a USB (universal serial bus) cable to connect your e-reader to a computer or use a power adapter to plug it into an electrical outlet. If the indicator light comes on, the battery may be functional. Allow the book to charge for about 10 hours or more.
  • Your e-reader stays on all the time and loses its autonomy quite quickly: remember to turn it off as long as you don’t need it. Also, whenever possible, limit the processor speed and set the device’s screen brightness to minus 0%; also consider turning off the wifi and putting the e-reader in airplane mode.

You’re charging your e-reader inappropriately and it’s showing signs of wear and tear: don’t let it go flat. Instead, try to charge it until it is fully charged.

Battery problems on my e-reader: what should I do if they persist?

By following the tips and advice above, you should be able to solve the battery problem on your e-reader. If not, contact the customer service department of your authorized dealer. But first, try resetting your e-reader and visit (if necessary) the forums dedicated to solving e-reader problems.