Authorization problem on my e-reader

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Authorization problem on my e-reader

It’s time to read your favorite digital book, but you get a message saying “this book is protected by Adobe DRM”. Don’t wonder too much about the cause of this intrusion: you’re experiencing an authorization problem on your e-reader… If you continue reading, you’ll know a little more.

Authorization problem on my e-reader: what is it?

The authorization problem on a e-reader is the impossibility for a user to open one or more digital books that he has borrowed. For a good understanding of the problem, first note that opening an e-book on a e-reader requires an account and an Adobe ID.

So, when you borrow an e-book from a digital library and download it to your PC (personal computer), you have to transfer it to your e-reader to read it. To do this, ADE will have to give authorization to your authorizer (to make the transfer) and to your reader to open the e-book. However, this authorization may be denied.

Why do I have an authorization problem on my e-reader?

In the name of copyright protection, ADE implements digital locks that prevent the transfer and opening of digital materials on your e-reader. But, let’s figure it out together, why do these DMRs from Adobe Digital Editions block access to your e-books on your e-reader. There are many reasons. However, let’s just mention some of the most common ones.

Authorization problem due to wrong settings on the e-reader

The main difficulty in authorizing the opening of an e-book could be related to a wifi problem on your e-reader. It could also be a problem with the time or date settings on your e-reader. So remember to check these settings and adjust them if necessary.

Authorization problem related to unauthorized accounts

You manage to open a document on your computer with a given account. You use the same account to repeat the action on your e-reader. But the DMR or Digital Rights Management blocks your access? This means that Adobe Digital Editions has not previously authorized your reader to open documents and that no account is associated with your e-reader.

Authorization problem due to software incompatibility

The use of a version of the ADE software that is incompatible with that of your e-reader software is a potential source of an authorization problem on your e-reader. Moreover, this subject is widely discussed in various forums animated by users having difficulties with the functioning of their e-readers.

Are you affected by any of these three problems? Make sure to unblock the situation urgently so that you can be authorized to open and read your documents on your e-reader again.

How to solve the authorization problem on my e-reader?

The answer depends on the difficulty you are experiencing.

Resolve the settings problem

Before solving the problem with your e-reader settings, first identify the source of the problem and look for appropriate solutions. To find out if you have a connection problem, for example, this article about the wifi problem on an e-reader will help you to solve the problem.

Fix the Adobe ID issue

Is the account you want to open your e-book with problematic? You will receive this type of error message: “E_LIC_ALREADY_FULFILLED_BY_ANOTHER_USER”. This indicates a problem with your Adobe ID. The reason is that the Adobe ID you are trying to open the document with on your e-reader is different from the one you previously used on your PC.

Solve the software incompatibility problem

It is not so complicated to solve the software incompatibility problem. All you have to do is install a version of ADE that is older than the one you are currently using. Let’s assume that version 4.5 or 4.0 is installed on your computer! Then try to solve the problem in the following way:

  • start by updating your e-reader
  • Cancel the authorization granted to your PC and uninstall Adobe Digital Editions
  • Go to the files program on your PC and delete the ADE folder completely
  • Download and install Adobe Digital Editions version 3.0
  • Open the new version of ADE and re-authorize your computer using your Adobe ID
  • retry to transfer and open a document on your e-reader

Authorization problem on my e-reader: what if it persists?

So far, the authorization issue on your e-reader hasn’t been resolved? Your case is not isolated. There are many users who have experienced the same problem as you, who have found a solution and who share their experience on various forums dedicated to this purpose.

Visiting these forums will certainly help you to find an answer to this recurrent question: authorization problem on my e-reader: what can I do?