Month: November 2022

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Authorization problem on my e-reader

It’s time to read your favorite digital book, but you get a message saying “this book is protected by Adobe DRM”. Don’t wonder too much about the cause of this intrusion: you’re experiencing an authorization problem on your e-reader… If you continue reading, you’ll know a little more. Authorization problem on my e-reader: what is…
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Loading problem on my E-reader

It is very frustrating to have a loading problem on your e-reader. You understand what we are talking about, since you are certainly facing this problem. Now, the question is how to find the solution to your loading problem? This is only possible if the reasons for your e-reader’s loading difficulties are known. This is…
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Screen problem on my E-reader

A problem with the screen on a reading device can happen to any of us. You are already experiencing this situation, aren’t you? It is not serious! Indeed, we will look together for the potential causes of this problem. We will try to find solutions to make your e-reader’s screen properly usable… Are you already…
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Wifi problem on my E-reader

You rush to download that all-important e-book, but now you can’t connect to the Internet. The reason is that your e-reader has a wifi problem. It’s a shame! But, rest assured, every problem has a solution and your wifi connection is no exception. So, find out through the following lines how to identify the causes…
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