Month: November 2022

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sandwich attack crypto

What is a sandwich attack in crypto ?

If you are getting into crypto trading and more precisely bot trading, maybe you have already heard about sandwich attack in crypto trading. But what exactly is a sandwich attack and why should you know about it? In this article, we will explain what a sandwich attack is and how it is used in the…
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DCA strategy crypto trading

What is DCA in crypto investment ?

If you are in the crypto world long enough, you probably already heard about this concept : the DCA. Abreviation for Dollar Cost Average, this is an investment strategy often used by investors. It is important that you understand what it is, and, how to use it efficiently. In this article, i will try to…
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200 WMA indicator crypto

What is the 200 WMA in crypto ?

When it comes to crypto, one of the most important indicators is the 200 WMA. This indicator is used to track the long term trends in the market and help investors make better decisions. WMA is the abreviation for Week Moving average. This indicator was first introduced in the early days of crypto and has…
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revolution Bitcoin

Why is Bitcoin a revolution ?

In this article, i will share all my knowledge and my vision of why Bitcion is a revolution to our world. I will discuss many points such as its history, its creator vision, and why it’s such a massive shift to our society. At the end of the article, i want you to understand how…
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How to create a trading bot without coding : Coinrule

As you probably know, bot trading is the use of computer programs to automate trading decisions. Bots can be programmed to trade based on a set of predetermined rules, or they can be programmed to make decisions based on artificial intelligence. Cryptocurrency bots can be used to trade a wide variety of digital assets on…
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Market value to Realized Value in crypto

What is MVRV “Market value to realized value” in crypto ?

MVRV is a ratio that measures the relationship between the market capitalization of a digital asset and its underlying blockchain‚Äôs transaction volume. The ratio was created by cryptocurrency analyst Willy Woo and first published on Twitter in July 2018. The idea behind MVRV is that it can be used to identify whether a digital asset…
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what is RSI in crypto trading

What is RSI in crypto ?

The RSI index is a technical indicator that measures the relative strength of a cryptocurrency’s price movement. It is a momentum oscillator that ranges from 0 to 100, with values below 30 indicating oversold conditions and values above 70 indicating overbought conditions. The RSI index is used by traders to gauge the strength of a…
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Fomo effect in crypto trading

What does “FOMO” means and how to deal with it ?

There is no doubt you must have heard about this before. This term is one of the most used in crypto slang by most of the influencers, or crypto investors. But what is FOMO, and how does it work ? What can we do to prevent it from happening ? FOMO is an acronym for…
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benefits of blockchain for businesses

Benefits of blockchain technology for businesses

In recent years, blockchain technology has been lauded as a game-changing innovation that has the potential to transform the way businesses operate. While the full extent of its applications is still being explored, there are a number of potential benefits that businesses can reap by utilising blockchain technology. In this blog, we will discuss the…
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SSL certificate problem on my E-reader

The SSL certificate problem on a e-reader is a very sensitive but rarely discussed security issue. Fortunately, we take the seriousness of the danger very seriously. That’s why we’ve made the effort to write this article, which we invite you to read to the end. You’ll find some tips and tricks that will help you…
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